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   One of our most popular brands of carpeting is Beaulieu. Beaulieu of America is not only the third largest producer of carpet in the world but also a manufacturer of the highest quality flooring products. Beaulieu has multiple carpet lines consisting of Bliss, Coronet, and Hollytex. The Bliss line of Beaulieu has been referred to as "the nicest carpet in the world®"(

   One of the main advantages of Bliss carpet is its ability to surpass other pet and kid friendly products. When choosing carpet for your home and family there are several features you want to consider... 

   1. Is it environmentally friendly and good for my family? Magic Fresh® is included which eliminates common household odors. It not only will last the lifetime of your floor, but we pride ourselves on it being natural and safe for your family. Silver Release® is an antimicrobial treatment which reduces mold and mildew by inhibiting the growth of odor and stain causing bacteria. Green Smart® fibers are eco-friendly fibers that are recycled from 100% post consumer water and soda bottles. These fibers also dramatically improve indoor air quality. They trap various allergens like dust particles, pet dander, and pollen and keep them from stirring around the room. 

   2. Is it durable and stain resistant? Carpet by Bealieu contains solution-dyed fibers. This carpet is do durable that wear and tear from high traffic areas, using water and bleach to clean those bad spills, and even the harshest sunlight in a sunroom does not fade the color! Stainmaster® is the #1 name in stain resistance for nylon carpets. It provides the maximum resistance available from wear and stains. PermaShield® offers additional stain protection from those stubborn and common household spills. 3M Scotchgard® is a treatment that provides an invisible barrier around each fiber to better protect your carpeting from stains. Vacuuming your carpet has never been easier because the stains have difficulty adhering to the fibers which allows cleanup to be quick and easy!

   3. Is it comfortable? Beaulieu manufacturers such exceptional nylon fibers that cannot be broken down by vacuuming, cleaning, or wear and tear which means that it naturally provides an anti-static feature. It also contains OmniLoc modular backing which is made from post consumer recycled waste which provides an environmentally friendly and better quality product. For an even more durable product, SoftSense™ fibers provide ultimate cushioning with fibers packed tightly together which makes for an incredibly soft experience. Bliss' Healthy Touch carpet line is made exclusively with these fibers for that undeniable softness and durability. LuxuryBac® technology is used on the underside of the carpeting to ensure the installation is wrinkle-free and smooth. 

   We also carry several other brands of carpeting consisting of Mannington, Mohawk and Shaw. We only carry the best of the products on the market and will provide our expertise to help you and your family chose the right carpeting for your home.

"Beaulieu of America, maker of Bliss, is the largest carpet specialist in the United States, so we really do know our stuff. It’s the only thing we do. Which is why, dollar for dollar, the Bliss in your home is the best there is."



Beaulieu of America's Bliss line of carpet is not only environmentally friendly and good for your family but is also the highest quality of durability and stain resistance carpeting on the market and is undeniably one of the most comfortable products available!

"We had initially went to Home Depot because we thought we would get a good deal, service, and warranty. Long story short they were a nightmare. We had already stripped all floors and waited and waited. After two and a half weeks we were told they could not put floors down on partical board. With no help as to our options, my husband went to them [Davison Family Floors]... that was the best decision we ever made. When my husband walked in and told him [Kevin] the situation he immediately came to our home and said he could help. They were always on time, very polite, cleaned after themselves, quality work, and were very reasonable. Best of all, I had my new floors in less time then they promised! I have learned a lesson that the larger places are not always best. Thank you, Kevin."

-Henadi Crispin-Isaac, June 4, 2014

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   Mannington Floors is one of the industry leaders in selling hardwood and luxury flooring. Mannington offers a variety of different products, textures, shapes, and designs while choosing the right hardwood flooring for your home. They have recently introduced an innovative way to design your floors! 

   The first type of hardwood you can choose for your home come from the American Classics collection.These are your traditional woods that include an assortment of walnut, hickory, oak, and maple finishes. These timeless and enduring looks will be sure to bring harmony to your existing cabinetry and home decor. 

   Then, there is the Exotics collection. These attractive and exciting exotic woods include bamboo, tigerwood, Brazilian cherry, as well as many others. This international collection will bring vivid variations of shades and hues to make your space your tropical sanctuary.  

   Lastly, we have the Hand-Crafted collection which allow for an even more unique and authentic look and texture. Some woods include hickory, birch, and walnut. This line is hand-sculpted and hand-finished to add that dramatic look and feel to your home. 

Luxury Flooring

    Mannington Floors also has an excellent selection of luxury flooring for the extra durability and peace of mind with the look and feel of real hardwood! Mannington's Adura® collection "offers the look of wood, tile, or stone with the exceptional durability and performance that only a luxury floor can provide" (

   The Adura® Tile collection mimics the look and feel of stone and ceramic without the constant care and worry! With several patterns and colors available, you can use these beautiful 16x16" tiles with or without grout for that perfect look. 

   The Adura® Plank collection offers beautiful 4x36" luxury planks that have the beauty of real wood! You also have the option of the LockSolid installation method or traditional glue-down. 

   The Distinctive Plank collection by Adura® offers different size planks that differ from 5x48" planks to 6x48" planks for those who like the wide plank look! Whatever look or style you are searching for, Mannington Floors will exceed your standards! 



"I am so happy that we chose Davison Family Floors! From the moment I looked at their website I was pretty convinced that this was the place I wanted to get my carpet from. When I went into the store and met Linda I was blown away by how helpful and just down right nice she was (as is). She bent over backwards to answer any questions my husband and I had and did a wonderful job making us very happy customers. Now that we have our carpet I'm so thrilled! The installers were nice and did a great job as well. Linda called me today just to give me some pointers on how to keep the carpet looking great and add years onto its life. I just wanted to say thank you for being so wonderful to us. We'll definitely recommend Davison Family Floors to anyone who will listen!

-Sarah McNutt, March 29, 2013

"Extremely Friendly. Professional. Great price. Love our finished floor. We would recommend them to anyone."

-Emily Alexander, February 18, 2016

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